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Motivation Theories Part 3

Motivation Theory

By Dave Gannaway

There are a great many motivation theories all of which are valuable. Many, however, are verbose and intellectual and very non-motivational to read. Paradoxical as that may sound, there are many motivational theories that are written in plain language … some by non-intellectuals who have not been to university but have spent a lifetime in the world of business and working with people.

Such motivation theories are based on common sense and experience and can be unsurpassed in there results. The simplicity is that when employees are on the same side as the employer there is harmony and agreement all around. Everyone is headed in the same direction and pulling on the same rope. Just how to achieve it we need to know a little about what the other guy wants.

It’s flattering when someone takes an interest in you. It makes you feel good, after all everyone is drawn towards being warm, safe and comfortable. It stems from being safe and undisturbed within our mothers womb. All things alluding to that primal state, draw us towards them. It is compelling, comforting and reminiscent of that pre-birth period. So, that said, any motivation theory or practice that can engender any of those pre-natal, subconscious qualities will produce positive results.

To be kind and respective of the other guy or gal, to be interested in him/her, creates a degree of compassion between us. That type of relationship with other people can only produce progressive results. They are instinctively drawn toward it. That is just how mother nature works! Perhaps we should call that a common sense theory!

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