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Motivation Strategy That Never Fails

Motivation Strategy That Never Fails

Written by Dave Gannaway

To suggest there is a motivation strategy that never fails opens the writer to question. Remember they said the Titanic was unsinkable! So to say, ‘never fails’ may be a little ambiguous. So if we have a strategy that never fails and something goes wrong, one may argue that it was not the motivation strategy that was floored but the operator.

One of the great men of modern history gave some sound advice that is a motivation strategy that never fails —

“Never, never, never, give up.”

- Winston Churchill

I remember the first big project that set me on the first set of the ladder. I was motivated to undertake the building of a large boat that was to take one year, and all the money I could muster. My plan showed the project to yield 30% gross profit and looked attractive on paper in fact it was a motivation strategy that never fails! The strategy in fact did not fail. It was me that overlooked the fact that things never quite work-out exactly as planned.

The finances for the build were secured against our house based on the one-year plan. Like many such projects, things never quite work out as they should. The project fell alarmingly behind schedule, the cash dwindled and I started to become desperately worried about reaching my goal. My motivation strategy that never fails was failing! All-be-it from elements beyond my control, I was in trouble.

With no-where to turn, I felt like a sailor who was half-way across the ocean when his boat sprung a serious leak. He has just two options, go on and get to the destination, somehow, or go back and fail. It was the same distance either way!

What was I to do? What the great Churchill said was the only option, never give up. I had burned my boats I was fresh out of choices. So I could only grit my teeth and keep going, somehow!

Motivation strategies that never fail are fine, on paper. My advice is to build in a generous costing and time factor that provides for the unseen . . . because they do happen and not just in the business world. In sport to your opponent can come out much stronger than you prepared for and if you have not considered that possibility you could finish with egg on your face. . . . or on the canvas out for the count!

When all is said and done, for me the motivation strategy that never fails is not smart list of to do jobs but to . . . never, never, never, give up!

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