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Motivation in Sport

Motivation in sport

Written by Dave Gannaway

Motivation in sport can be approached two ways, the easy or the hard way. The only true way forward is the former, the easy route. When things are difficult there is resistance and the slightest sign of resistance to motivation spells failure in competitive sport.

Peak performance in sport demands that elusive edge to lift the athlete or competitors into the winning circle. The difference of a mere hundredth of a second can determine a winner from an ‘also ran’— from fame or obscurity!

Motivation in sport demands a devotion to the goal of succeeding at all cost is the prerequisite of a winner. Any resistance is fatal and should not even be contemplated.

The ‘juice’ of high motivation in sport is the secret winning element all sportsmen and women seek. They are often addicted to it and if it wanes in the slightest refocus as quickly as possible. Some athletes I know tell me that if their motivation slips even a little, they feel vulnerable and at risk.

Without motivation, sportspeople cannot tune in to the many subconscious resources available to them. Their natural inner talents and abilities do not get used and the personal commitments are not fulfilled. It is that inner motivation and self-talk that brings out those natural desires and the fire to stretch and grow.

Each athlete has their own goals and methods of technique or general fitness. It may be for the achievement of winning or just the delights of being fit and trim. It may also be simply to be attractive and attract social attention.

Being motivated, to be fit and attractive is a worthy goal in its own right. It still requires a high degree of self-determination and discipline to persist in the physical work. Many articles published here on True-Motivation.com are focused on just that, the many ideas and techniques to maintain motivation and achieve the results you are striving for.

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