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Motivation and the Ego

Motivation and the Ego

Written by Dave Gannaway

Very few articles on the topic of motivation and the ego are available online. The reason could be that the topic can take you beyond the world of psychology and general logic . . . and point us to the non physical realms of spiritual development.

Understanding ego covers three basic yet very different areas. So let us define the ego in each of the three areas.

• Ego and psychology

• Ego and spiritual matters

• Motivation and the Ego

Austrian born Sigmund Freud has been called the father of modern psychology and the founder of psychoanalysis. In particular his work in defining the ego is well established, although controversial amongst modern psychologist.

Freud’s model of the ego’s structure has three parts . . .

• The Id

• Ego

• Super-Ego

Although Freud defines a clearly identifiable role for each of these three parts they are each integral parts of the whole generally called the ego.

1. The Id is that inaccessible part of the personality that we know little about. It contains everything that is inherited, all that is in our genes. The mind of a newborn child is a mass of instinctive drives and impulses that need immediate satisfaction. Later in our development, the id, is responsible for the basic drives for food, water, and sex. It is conscious only of itself and has “no” limitations. It is regarded as the center of the basic instinctive drive to create.

2. The Ego’s objective is to please and satisfy the Id’s drives and impulses. It is the organizing part of the personality. Being aware of our consciousness is a function of the ego. It organizes and informs us when our thoughts make sense and are congruent with the world about us. It also defines what is real.

3. The third aspect is the Super-Ego. It strives for perfection. Largely unconscious yet leaves us instinctively knowing there is something more than the physical, observable world. This is where the individual’s ideals and spiritual beliefs reside. It is also where confusion within the individual’s stem . . . since the Id and the Super-Ego often contradict each other. For example, the Id demands instant gratification but the Super-Ego hold its values and a sense of right and wrong. This result’s in a bewilderment or confusion we may all familiar with.

Motivation and the Ego

In our modern everyday world the ego . . . which literally means “I myself”. . . is often used to describe a sense of inflated self-esteem, only being interested in one’s self. Usually this expression is used in a negative context. To be puffed-up with self-importance . . . “He thinks a lot of himself!” In truth it is not negative at all but a healthy lesson from the Super-Ego.

So little wonder that articles on motivation and the ego are a little thin on the ground. As you see, the definitions can be confusing. But having a summary of the three aspects may begin to open the door to understanding why so many people resist change. The old often counter productive ideas and traits that may be established in our genes, the Id jealously tries to protect. Remember the Id does not think! The Super-Ego, on the other hand does think, and observes the error of its ways and can see clearly that it is counter productive to the goals and objectives being strove for.

These internal conflicts might have much to answer for regarding our lack of personal progress. The limiting issues blocking personal development can be changed, often using simple techniques that can be applied at home. But until it is clear exactly what requires change or adjustment, you remain powerless and stuck with the frustration of such unknown resistance.

This is the foundation on which True-Motivation.com is formed. Learning methods and techniques that enable these old well-established and destructive habits and traits can be changed, even removed, and replaced altogether with healthy new progressive alternatives. We offer one-on-one programs for fastest change and/or information online for home use. Blog us for details or contact me for more information.

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