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Motivation and Self Esteem

Motivation and Self Esteem

Written by Dave Gannaway

Motivation and Self Esteem is truly the key to a better life. Greater than seventy-five percent lack a high self-esteem. Oh sure many can act loud and seem to have a high self-esteem but that is a poor substitute. To act-as-though is not even close to owning the quality. A man can act as though he is CEO of a company but without the reality, and the company around him he is just fooling himself.

Self-esteem generates confidence and a respect for you and others. It is not a quality you need to demonstrate because it radiates from the individual like warmth from the sun. It speaks louder than words and attracts like to like. A genuine respect of others naturally returns respect of others toward you. It is reciprocal, show consideration and kindness to others and that is exactly what you will attract to yourself.

Poor motivation and self-esteem works in precisely the same way. If you show no respect toward others, little or no respect will be returned to you. It’s the Law of Reciprocation, what goes around, comes around! I have found that in business to go the extra mile invariably paid good dividends and created added value all around.

Tens of millions of people in the United States suffer depression and insecurity generated by low self-esteem. Nothing in their lives ever seems to go right or flow as it should. It generates illness, dept and unhappiness on an epidemic scale. The way to move beyond these debilitating conditions is simple, not easy but simple. Indeed, it is so simple as to lack the credibility of the sufferers. They form the opinion that nothing so simple could relieve such a heavy burden. How wrong can they be?

To improve your motivation and self-esteem several prime measures need to be addressed. Lets look a three of the less obvious yet fundamental issues.

• Know the difference between low self esteem and high self esteem.

• Listen to your internal dialogue.

• Intend to make changes.

So rampant is low self-esteem that most do not know it. The just accept it as the normal and that everyone is the same. As already said, ‘like attracts like,’ so they are constantly attracting more of the same from those about them. Just listen to the conversations in the dole queue or at the doctors office and listen to the poor-me stories of wow. As contagious as the plague it must be foremost in the list of changes to make.

Take a moment to also listen to the internal chatter taking place in your head. The self-talk that never stops . . . just listen and it will reveal precisely why you are suffering a low self-esteem. We all know that what you think is the pattern of what we are creating in our lives. Listening to your self-talk will clearly show you what you are thinking.

Finally, having observed the damaging conditions existing within yourself, is to create a plan to eliminate the old and initiate the new. This, usually, is the stumbling block. A persistence and determination to change at all cost is the way forward.

How to Create Persistence and Determination

A subconscious program is already running within us that resists things that are going to cause us harm. We know instinctively that to walk out on the highway is extremely dangerous, so alarms sound within us that automatically create a resistance toward doing that. . . . If you observed a menacing outlaw waving a gun about, you instinctively would avoid moving in to danger. These acts are subconscious and automatic.

The automatic resistance to walking on the highway or reacting to a gunman were created by your understanding of the dangers they can cause. With poor self-esteem, we must create the same danger signs associated with negative self-talk. The moment you become conscious of the negative self-talk let it a trigger a danger sign that you must move away from at all cost. It is abusive, destructive and damaging to your whole being.

You may find it helpful look at some of the techniques offered on this site, the swish technique for example is very effective tool I often use with clients. Hypnosis recording are also effective as are good books on positive motivation and self-esteem.

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