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Motivation and Emotions

Motivation and Emotions

Written by Dave Gannaway

Both in the work place and the home, motivation and emotions determine a vital part of how we function. Indeed the two are inseparable, even one and the same. To motivate is to empower the emotions to stimulate activity. Without them we would not be stimulated to do anything. The physical body is regulated by emotion … blood flow, muscle activity, fight or flight etc., each one responded to and stimulated by our emotions.

Feeling emotionally low does little to create physical activity so in the workplace or any situation where activity is required, attention to motivation and emotions are important. An athlete who is emotionally troubled will perform poorly. When the office staff are stressed or worried in any way they will not be at their most productive. Errors will be made through lack of attention and productivity will drop for the same reason.

Research shows that a prime cause of negative motivation and emotions is lack of progress. People on weight loss programs who show a dip in their progress become depressed. This in turn creates a lack of motivation and vitality. Workers who fail to reach their production goals or bonus levels become emotionally flat. This in turn can create a downward spiral in their effectiveness.

Conversely in a progressive, happy environment where encouragement abounds, stimulating emotions elevates activity. This tends to create an upward spiral of increasing productivity. People show greater interest and vitality. This can create a reduction in absenteeism and sickness. People tend to ‘go the extra mile’ when they are progressing.

Motivation and emotions are often directly influenced through outside sources. In the workplace a manager can have a powerful effect on everyone under his direction. His attitude toward those people affects their motivation … even the tone of his voice can have a powerful effect on their motivation and ultimately their productivity. Other factors such as environment or temperature control also can affect emotions. A cold office, even a persistently broken coffee machine, can create a surprising difference.

The individual at home can be emotionally affected by partners and children, plus financial pressure and of course lack of progress. Recall a moment when your partner came home in a bad or troubled mood. The chances are that you were aware of their mood even before they spoke a single word. Negative and positive emotions can be contagious and just like the flu, prevention is better than a cure.

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