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Written by Dave Gannaway

Motivation Enthusiasm is the front-runner of motivation. Find the greatest level of enthusiasm and you find the winner, the leader and the pace setter. Look at Forbs list of richest people on the planet and you are looking at the greatest concentration of enthusiasm in the world. Why d’you think they are called the ‘sparkling rich?’ Enthusiasm sparkles brighter than diamonds.

No psychologist can quantify motivation and enthusiasm. Like love it is unstoppable and can generate amazing feats! For the individual, enthusiasm must be the greatest empowering energy of all. Learn how to generate it in you and a magical yet invisible ‘calling card’ reaches out to touch everyone . . . and it is yours to command.

Although, in my view, it is not psychologically practical to quantify enthusiasm, yet how it expresses through different individuals is clear. Acting through the personality enthusiasm reveals itself in one of three distinct ways.

1. Frustrated unexpressed people

2. Passive, none aggressive

3. Extrovert, the charging rhino.

1. Almost everyone has some enthusiasm. Unfortunately the majority do not know they have it and if they do, fail to use it. Most things in our lives can arouse enthusiasm . . . the experience of buying a new car, house or boat . . . an exciting new partner, an idea or a talent to sing or write a book. We are all conscious of that excitement called enthusiasm yet not everyone has anything to be enthusiastic about! And that is often the stumbling block for this group of people.

Without a goal or something to get excited about this guy has a tank full of gas and nowhere to go! When combined with poor self-esteem any motivation and enthusiasm is stopped dead in its tracks right there . . . creating discontent and frustration on a huge scale.

So often this has a destructive effect on people. A little bird flew through my open window and spent fifteen minutes totally motivated and enthusiastic about getting out again! It constantly crashed into the clear glass of closed windows trying to regain its freedom. Whatever direction or idea it tried proved a failure. Exhausted the bird became resigned to seeing all the other birds beyond the window enjoying their freedom although he was excluded. Enthusiasm gone frustration became the poor alternative.

The opposite of enthusiasm is pessimism, and pessimist to me, are the walking dead. Those who want to express their motivation and enthusiasm so much, yet just cannot find the ‘how’ . . . then proceed to bring down those are enthusiastic. They become conditioned to failure, just as the bird did. The 80/20 rule, in this instance, says that 80% of people are pessimists. What camp are you in?

2. Motivation and Enthusiasm creates a charisma in a man or woman that can set them high above the rest . . . as compelling and attractive as the light is to a moth. They stand out in a crowd . . . rise to the top under most circumstances. Whatever their stature they stand tall and radiate a sparkling presence that draws attention and opportunities. In business a sparkling enthusiasm is bankable! It singles you out as a cut above the norm.

Radiating enthusiasm turns heads and creates an aura of success. Having this gift creates the assumption that you are a success, even if you are not! Generate this enthusiasm for yourself and I assure you your life will move forward. If you have a job, create an aura of motivation and enthusiasm and advancement will come, I assure you. Why? . . . Because it will expand you consciously, you will out grow the present situation. You will not fit your existing situations, you become overqualified. And greater opportunities will occur.

How can I do that you ask? Generate excitement, and enthusiasm until you are about to scream or burst with pleasure . . . then put a lid on it! Hold it in, don’t say a word. Keep it to yourself. Woow! Do that and it will speak louder than any words. Go in to an interview or the see the bank manager with that enthusiastic ‘steam’ coming out of your ears and watch out!

This group often chose not seek recognition and popularity . . . their personal achievements is all the satisfaction they require. Often soft spoken, they value the anonymity of not being recognized on the street. They have a quiet confidence that is compelling and attractive they are self-sufficient in their demands for recognition and praise.

3. This groups are often extroverts. They are motivated and enthusiastic and like the rhinoceros unstoppable. Fueled by their intense enthusiasm they arrive early and leave late and often expect those around them to do the same. Like the rhino they have a two inch thick hide that can easily override adversity, and are impervious bad-mouthing and minor distraction. Try out smarting this rhino and he will put his head down and charge . . . and you won’t see his ‘but’ for dust! Upset him and you will discover what its like to be in the path of a three-ton charging rhino! Uh uh!

Colorful extrovert he loves the limelight. In public he exudes an irresistible sparkling enthusiasm. The ladies love him because he is such fun to be with. In his office he becomes a killer that dominates all in sight! They are predominantly self employed or CEO’s, they just do not fit elsewhere else!

I mentioned the Forbes rich list, they look great eh? Expensive suits, watches and flash automobiles, impressed? If you think they are all Mr Nice Guys, do not be fooled. Many of them are remorseless corporate killers. . . . They are rhinos or tigers that will charge and often trample everything in its path without a second thought. A rhino once revealed to me, “If I don’t kill and eat first . . . you could become the prey!” To protect his king of the jungle reputation he can never let his guard down, he must growl and roar and always ready to attack. They identify their threat then trample in to death, and all else in their path.

Like the sleeping tiger they are not always charging, they can purr like a kitten, but like the cat they always have one eye open for the next meal. Anything goes to reach their goal . . . anything! Just ask their wives and girlfriends . . . if they have not left already!

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