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Written by Dave Gannaway

Motivation There are a great many uses for the word motivation. So what’s it all about? Quite simply if we are not motivated we don’t get anything done! Without being motivated towards achieving a goal nothing would get done or at best, halfheartedly. Procrastination also rears its ugly head where there is a lack of motivation.

If the grass in the yard needs cutting—“it’s okay. We’ll do it tomorrow!” But, if we have important visitors arriving tomorrow we want to impress, we are motivated to get it cut today! On the other hand if you enjoy gardening your motivation is to keep the yard looking attractive.

Understanding what motivates you is to simply know what you like to do. Just notice that when you do things you enjoy there is a lot more vitality employed than if what you are doing is a chore.

One of my favorite pastimes is enjoying other people’s enthusiasm. Sound strange? I’m sure it does, but do you know something? Enthusiasm is contagious. I recall being shown an old steam locomotive by a guy who had so much enthusiasm for these old trains I felt he wanted to kiss them! He was so vibrant and alive and spoke with such passion you couldn’t help getting caught up in it. He was so motivated that it spread to everyone on the tour. It left me wishing I had a greasy cap and coveralls! It was just beautiful.

This enthusiasm is just another name for motivation. It has a power within it that is compelling and magnetic. The stronger the motivation the greater is the compulsion and attraction.

This is the greatest secret of success. Just observe achievers in every field of activity and you will find intense motivation. These people are often exciting and charismatic characters that are such fun to be around. Their vitality and enthusiasm are attractive and they draw towards them more of the same. Like, truly attracts like.

Here’s a strange thing! Have you ever noticed that you rarely see an ugly motivated person? Have you ever seen an ugly person driving a Ferrari? No, because it motivates them and creates a compelling and attractive persona. How? Because that is how they preserve themselves and precisely what they project.

I hear you say, but that is so shallow, and in that context it is but it demonstrates the power and attraction of the energies we each can emanate.

For some being motivated is a natural everyday state, they are blessed with the gift of seeing and doing all the things they love to do. For others it has to be gained by working at it. If you are one of these people, I can only say ‘work at it’ and your life will change. The more you are motivated the greater the attraction you become---to other like minded people, to new ideas, inspiration and good fortune.

‘Motivation is like eating, you need to do it everyday.’

-Dave Gannaway

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