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Job Motivation

Written by Dave Gannaway

Job Motivation Effective job motivation begins with the managers. My experience show that where the managers or supervisors are alive and motivated the employee’s will follow. Excitement and motivation is contagious.

So as an employer my focus began with getting the managers attention and enthusiasm. Without that, motivation for the employees can be more difficult. Try this little experiment start yawning when others are around. Just do it two or three times and you will find that the others also begin yawing. It’s funny and they will probably begin laughing too but they will not be able to stop the yawn! That is how our psychology works.

Job motivation is a bit like that. Encourage your manager to walk about the shop floor a little faster, put a little spring in his step and vitality and enthusiasm in his manner . . . then just watch. The contagious effect will kick in and the workforce will soon take on a mirror of the manager motivation.

Now you will not find this job motivation technique analyzed by the psychology professors. Its complexity lies in a liberal spreading of common sense. It was derived by a complex process of observation . . . just watching people and how they behave when you treat them as you would like to be treated. So a brilliant idea that will produce impressive results in your company is to light a fire under your managers and watch them lift the staff’s vitality to new heights of productivity, loyalty and possibly make absenteeism a thing of the past.

Take a moment to recall how you felt when your efforts were recognized and interest was shown to you. Of course you felt elated, even euphoric. In that state you wanted more, you were stimulated to reciprocate. Your observations of the person recognizing you became brighter and you were drawn toward that person. This is a powerful technique for creating rapport.

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