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Written by Dave Gannaway

Intuition The intriguing subjects of intuition, inspiration and genius seem to have fallen between the cracks of modern science's need for research into what inspires and motivates humans.

On the topic of motivation there is a mass of information, definitions and very scientific explanations. Psychologists have prepared lengthy and very explicit papers expounding on the details of how and what motivates people. Maslow, Herzberg Vroom and many more have established themselves as authorities and their work accepted as the bench mark on the topic. Yet these experts have totally ignored the equally important topics of intuition, inspiration, and genius. Why should these topics be so neglected? I think it is because they are subjects that are not yet respectable and move too far away from the status-quo.

So what are intuition, inspiration and genius?

Dictionary definitions:

Intuition – understanding without apparent effort;

Inspiration – a sudden creative act or inspired idea;

Genius - singular achievements surpassing excellence.

The three definitions I have used above may be simplistic but the point I am making is that they are remarkably similar. Yet there is one common denominator; that is probably the reason why the “learned ones” and professors have given it a wide berth. That is, no one can offer any explanation for where the spark of inspiration, intuition or genius comes from without rocking the boat of conformity.

In the articles that follow I am not going to try to offer an explanation because in my opinion it is totally irrelevant. What is undeniable is that they all exist and have already produced extraordinary results for millions of people. To expend time and energy trying to discover their source is like meeting a soul from another world and killing him to discover what made him tick! What would that achieve? Why don’t we just investigate!

So my objective is to accept that they do exist and investigate some of the notable people who acknowledge and use them on a regular basis. Who knows we may even learn some of their insights on how to access these intuitive treasures for ourselves.

Don’t try. I have been around this subject a long time and one factor dominates … and it could be the very reason scientists have not perused this topic. Intuition, inspiration or genius does not work if you try!

How often have you tried to remember something, a person’s name for example, and it will just not come? “It’s on the tip of my tongue” yet frustratingly it will not drop into your consciousness. The trick is to let it go, don’t try, and it will drop right into place on its own. It’s no big deal, that is how it works. We don’t need an owner’s manual full of explanations and do’s and don’ts. Just know what you want to remember or access and shut-up!

At one time I had a large company with many employees making complex products. On occasion when things just never seemed to go to plan I would get out of the way, go for a coffee, sit on the beach for ten minutes and just clear my mind. Maybe I would listen to music or focus on the water, anything to distract my mind from the focus of chaos at work.

Returning after a short while I would invariably find the situation resolved. Of course many would condemn this as irresponsible behavior for an employer but most often the problem was resolved. I have no explanation nor do I need one, save to know that it produced the desired result. Some may say I just handed the problem to another, possibly more capable member of staff. Maybe! It could also be that I had personally lost my focus and was creating the disharmony and simply needed to shut-up!

I have also adopted the same technique in many other areas of my life. When writing there sometimes comes a point when words don’t flow together as they usually do, or I even get a block. Clearing the mind and simply shutting-up does the trick every time. Try it! When resolving a technical problem the creativity needed will be there if I can shut-up long enough for it to spring to mind.

Nothing is of any use to you unless it works. Try it you’ll find it works … and for some reason it doesn’t … don’t give it another thought!!

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