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Written by Dave Gannaway

Intuition Let’s start to look at the nuts and bolts of intuition. Other names by which intuition can be known is “gut feeling,” “knowing,” “hunch,” “insight,” “sixth sense.”

So how can you tell what is true intuition and what is fantasy? Our lives are full of emotions and feelings—feelings that can change from moment to moment. It is not easy to answer that question. Suffice it to say it is something that you just know!

Can you remember the first time you answered the telephone? Every time you had to ask, “Who’s speaking?” Even if is it was someone very familiar to you. Now you are very familiar with telephone voices. When your partner, mother or child calls, just by their breathing or first syllable you know without a doubt who it is.

As you begin to take notice of that intuitive knowing that is beyond the normal senses, a trust in it is generated. It is a line of communication far beyond logic and yet uncannily accurate.

I have interviewed a great many successful business men and women, and whilst it is not their most favorite subject to talk about, the great majority reveal the trusting accuracy of their intuition. Some quietly revealed that they have come to rely on it.

A builder in England, for whom I have the highest regard, specialized in producing inexpensive city homes. Very successful, he had all the trimmings of his achievements, which included a Rolls Royce car. During an interview about intuition he smiled as he revealed just how much he took notice of it. I asked him for an example.

“Well, it told me one time not to drive the Rolls in the city.”

“Did it give a reason?” I asked.

“No. I thought to begin with it was a warning that the car may get damaged … but it wasn’t that at all. It told me to ride the bus instead!”

“Public transport?” I exclaimed.

“Yes, the top deck of the bus, to be precise.” He laughed.

“So what happened?” I was intrigued.

“It was amazing. I sat up there on the top deck, in the traffic, letting the driver down below focus on the road, leaving me free to just look. I saw building potentials all over the place. So many things I missed when driving the car. At intersections and dangerous curves, when you are fully occupied with getting safely through traffic, there are little parcels of land and other opportunities just passing you by. Others thought I had become an eccentric nut, riding the bus when I owned a lovely car. But when you listen to the wisdom of the intuition you have insider information, quite literally!

“Where do you think it comes from?” I asked.

“No idea and I don’t care. I just know that it is there for me whenever I need it. … Don’t look a gift horse in the face. I am just grateful and just say “thank you.”

I asked him to be more specific. “What does it feel like?”

He looked me square in the eyes and said, “It feels like the promise of exciting sex! I just felt the energy was alive and exciting, I knew it was true.” He was laughing but I knew exactly what he meant.

The interview was at an end and his parting comment gave a whole new meaning to a famous old quote – “We can spend our whole lives searching for the key just to find it was already in the lock! … Or on the top deck of a bus!”

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