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Intrinsic Motivation

Written by Dave Gannaway

Intrinsic Motivation The definition of intrinsic motivation is that motivation that comes from within the individual. That is a paradox to begin with, since all motivation comes from within. It is not something you can present to someone in a pill and they instantly snap into a motivated state … it is generated within.

So what exactly is it? It is basically being motivated by your own thoughts and interest. ‘It would be nice to read that book..’ motivates you towards that reading it. Intrinsically motivated individuals can be inspired to write a book, learn to sing just for the satisfaction of being fulfilled doing it. They can also apply the same strategy to their employment.

There are two basic forms of motivation:

• Intrinsic Motivation, as above, to be motivated from within.

• Extrinsic Motivation which is to be motivated from without. To be motivated by money or reward. Athletes racing to win the cup or to break the record are extrinsically motivated.

Employers would naturally gravitate towards intrinsically motivated employees. They are the self starters, those who can think on their feet. They know how to enjoy the value of the challenges before them.

In the world of earning a living the intrinsically motivated employee may be exploited when the boss neglects, or wrongly assumes the individual is not interested in rewards. This naturally is a very short sighted employment strategy since this assumption and can ultimately lead to the individual realizing he is being taken for granted.

So it becomes obvious that a well balanced individual needs both intrinsic and extrinsic qualities when in the workplace it he is to keep up with the field. The employer would do well of observe and nurture and reward intrinsic qualities equally, if not more, than the rest.

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