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Inspiration and Intuition

Inspiration and Intuition

Written by Dave Gannaway

At last we are discovering that inspiration and intuition are topics the scientific establishment has not impressed its influence over . . . yet! Intuition can be described as ‘Understanding without effort’, but where it comes from we can only guess. Inspiration and intuition is truly a gift. Some say a gift from God, others say a gift from the universe, for others it is just a gift. Whatever your views, a greater understanding of this beautiful phenomenon will it open it to express in your life.

Describing the amazing phenomena of inspiration and intuition as a gift may imply that it is available to some and denied to others. This is quite untrue. In my experience these qualities exist in us all. For some it is likely to have expressed as a condition that has not been observed or recognized.

Many live their lives oblivious of the presence lying dormant within. For most, the creative process is limited to the logical construction of an idea from information that you know and are conscious of. But so much more is available as you release that judgment and become conscious of and cultivate your inner, intuitive resources.

So how can you access and use knowledge that is beyond the limits of your personal understanding? Indeed, how can you ‘know’ something you are not conscious of? It is impossible to logically explain that conundrum, you can only create the environment within yourselves that is conducive to it . . . like planting a seed in fertile soil. Only then, when you are still and let it work in your individual consciousness, will you see these little miracles’ show-up in your life.

Inspiration and intuition occur most often when you are not thinking about it! When you are racking your brain to find a solution to a problem, the true source of the answer is closed. Access to inspiration and intuition cannot be heard above the activity of your thinking but when you are quiet and still, intuition flows freely that is its very nature. When it does flow, it is often dismissed as coincidence or a fluke. But when you gratefully accept it as a ‘gift’ and persist with your ventures into the silence that miracles become the norm in your life.

Notice when you are trying to remember a name and it just will not come however hard you try . . . we’ve all had that experience . . . it is only when you stop trying and the mind can become still . . . that the name effortlessly pops into your consciousness with ease. That is the simple technique, no formulae or lost secret, just learn to be in the silence.

Many never get to experience those moments when logical chatter stops and the mind becomes clear and still and a ‘peace beyond understanding’ expresses within. This is known as the ‘gap’ or in the ‘zone’ the gateway to knowledge and the home of all intelligence. I’m sure it has happened to everyone but for most, sadly, it passes without notice. “Will it work for me?” I hear you say. You will never know until you take that first step. Learn to do nothing yet receive everything!

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