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Written by Dave Gannaway

Where does inspiration, that sudden flash of genius that magically produces instant answers and ideas, come from? Could we have some sort of ‘Google’ Universal all-knowing intelligence within us? A powerful, Intelligence that courses through our thoughts and feelings like and inquisitive spider-like connection to the Matrix of all knowing . . . that constantly searches for, and provide answers? Almost impossible to perceive is the true implications of its vastness. The full spectrum of its possibilities is without limit and when you learn to believe and trust it, you are unlocking the door of true genius.

Imagine your mind as a TV with a thousand channels! Each a connection to whatever you chose — something simple or complex, makes no difference. Can’t remember a name, spider it by visualizing the person or item, then be still, clear the mind and let the spider do its work?

Have a challenge you need resolved? Spider it by ‘seeing’ it resolved. There is nothing you need to do, just shut up, stop thinking about it — let the spider makes its connections. The moment you do, the solution will drop into your consciousness as inspiration or intuition.

Important to understand is that the ‘spider’ does not think, it connects precisely to the Matrix to the degree that ‘you’ think! Simplicity is the key. Problems may seem impossibly complex and thinking that way, impossibly complex, may access a conclusion that it’s impossible! See what you want, a solution and let ‘spider’ do the rest. IT has access to all knowledge and all avenues possible to resolve the problem, any thoughts or suggestions will only create limitations or blocks.

The skill of ‘not thinking’ is an ability that is largely unnatural to you. Your culture teaches you to ‘work-it-out’ and never give-up. This is true in most contexts but is the exception when accessing inspiration and intuition!

We each have infinite access to everything imaginable and unimaginable. The greatest secret is to know and believe IT is there. When you ‘Google’ to search for information on the computer you know the answer is there somewhere. With that understanding of the Matrix or Infinite Intelligence, know it has the answer to all questions and ‘it will be given unto you’!

Notice when you access Google for information on your computer, as you are typing the words Google is constantly anticipating your needs and offering suggestions, it is working on each letter you type, but the answer you seek comes only when you focus and type-in exactly what you want! Then, when you hit ‘enter’ the solutions are there. Touch anything else, hit any other key, have any other thought and the search will be lost.

So, what is this miracle that provides answers to my every question? Could ‘why’ be an invalid question we can’t really know the answer to? Do we need to know how Google works to take full advantage of it? Knowing all knowledge is available to us all, do we really need to know why or where does it come from? You don’t question or ask “where” is Google? Is it in a box, a building, in the United States or outer space . . . you just know and ‘trust’ that wherever you are with your computer, Google is! Know that about the Infinite Intelligence or the Divine Matrix and inspiration and intuition will always be there to guide you.

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