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Written by Dave Gannaway

The biological draw to give birth is programmed deep in every woman’s genes. As natural as breathing the desire for motherhood, to cradle and nurse a precious baby of her own is indelibly part of a woman’s nature. Yet it is estimated that one in seven has a problem with infertility, that can mean more than seven million women in the U S alone face these issues.

Naturally, it is not always the infertility of the woman that prevents conception. It can equally stem from the man. Male infertility account for about 25% of couples lack to conceive and 50% stems from the woman. The remaining 25% is generally claimed to be physical problems. The male problems can vary widely for many reasons. The number of men exposed to many hazardous environmental toxins has rapidly increased the problem of poor-quality sperm and low sperm counts. These problems should be checked-out before proceeding with other expensive medical procedures.

In my research into the amazing power of consciousness and as a therapist, I was often called on to address fertility problems. I began by objectively observing the overall problem. I tried to avoid the influence of all the textbook medical issues and just observe the patient and her domestic background. What I began to see was a series of normal, caution based, family concerns that could easily culminate in young women becoming infertile.

The age at which a young girl/woman is at her most fertile is around the ages of fifteen to eighteen, in fact it can be even younger. It is also when they are the most vulnerable and likely to become pregnant, usually through curiosity or experimentation. Talking with the parents of teenage girls revealed the horror scenario they would face if that were to happen. So the responsible parents spend time warning and insuring their daughters understand the consequences and true reality of becoming pregnant at such an early age, a perfectly natural thing for a loving parent to do.

Many mothers relate these warnings and horror stories of unwanted pregnancies from experience. They are so often illustrated with graphic stories of ruined childhoods and lifelong hardships and responsibilities. In their desperation to drive the point home mothers often make rash comments about ‘boy’ only want one thing! “Don’t let them touch you,” is often the mothers plea, such is her concern. But with hormones running amok the warning are often ignored.

These frequent, often overly graphic warnings to young women are, most often taken on board and stored within the subconscious as warning of possible disasters. They were naturally given with total love and caring, and paradoxically later in her life, may lead to the heartache of infertility or a variety of related conditions, low sexual desire, fear, even the inability to reach orgasm and fulfillment. All of this can be the result of innocent yet inappropriate and over zealous warnings at to vulnerable young mind.

One can argue that such warning are indeed justified for young women in this, anything-goes permissive society. Evidence of the hardship cause is clear to see. What I observed as a professional therapist, was that when young women reached early twenties and had become more established with their lives, often happily married with a home of their own. The only thing missing in their lives is a baby. Both are perfectly healthy yet constantly failing to conceive. This, I believe is where those deeply suppressed warnings and horror stories surface to create a psychological barrier. A block that can be removed easily when the woman deeply understands that they were placed there with love and the caring of her parents. But, the warnings are now inappropriate and in error, and can be released using various noninvasive techniques. Read more in my book Which Way Now?

These simple techniques are effective and communicate with the subconscious mind that the old program was placed their in error and is now reversed and the sexual intimacy with the man of her desires is welcome. That she is now free to express that most natural maternal instinct. The same barriers can also be preventing older women from conceiving. She might have heard so many tales of how it becomes more difficult to become a mother as you get older, they to can begin to build resistance where no blocks exists physically.

On the notice board in the waiting room of my practice were photographs of many beautiful babies, all from women who initially thought themselves to be infertile. Strangely, I can hardly remember many of these patience because I only saw most of them for a single visit, two at most, so quickly and easily were the blocks removed! Amusingly, I became known as ‘the therapist on the hill that help young women become pregnant!’ A dubious honor but one I’m delighted to accept.

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