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How to Increase Employee’s Motivation

How to Increase Employee’s Motivation

Written by Dave Gannaway

How to increase employee’s motivation carries an obvious answer when you think about it. Who would want to go to work if, when they got there they were driven like slaves under the whip? Or even treated like children at school. Here are three suggestions that may provide some insights.

1. Companies who have the reputation of looking after their employees naturally attract people who are conducive to their type of work. Rather than need to recruit, this type of company often has a list of applicants waiting for a job opportunity. These employees often place a greater value on their job and naturally tend to go the extra mile. These companies also need to spend less time increasing employee’s motivation.

2. Companies and managers who make the point of giving people attention, such as remembering names and family details. These are naturally motivating techniques that build effective rapport.

3. Presenting an environment that is pleasant and where possible include employees in company plans, developments and goals. Get them involved and share successes. Of these measures none involve payoffs, normally the biggest motivation tool of all. However when employees are happy and involved in company life, it is not always their highest priority.

At the end of a profitable year an employer friend who owned a produce business asked a key employee if he would like a bonus or a new truck for his deliveries? Surprisingly he chose a new work truck!

So how to increase employee’s motivation is not always by giving them more money—for some it can be by increasing their enjoyment to work. Others may just enjoy recognition and to be valued. Everyone is an individual, just understanding that can create big and valuable benefits to an observant employer.

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