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Funny Motivational Posters

Funny Motivational Posters

Written by Dave Gannaway

In hundreds of schools, colleges, and workplaces, funny motivational posters are likely to be seen in prime locations throughout. Posters, plaques, and bulletin boards are often adorned with various humorous words and images designed to be motivational. Comedy is often used to lighten the delivery of a message, or create a common connection to a universal understanding. Humor is a universal stress reducer. In organizations such as schools and colleges, stress often hampers motivation. As such, humorous sayings and images help increase motivation and reduce stresses that inhibit human effectiveness.

Do these funny motivational posters work? The answer to that question lies with each individual. Each person has their individual sense of humor, and what one person finds funny may not be the same as another. However, there are universal themes that appeal to the masses. It is that universal appeal that humorous posters seek to employ. By using humor, social conflict and individual tensions are reduced, thereby paving the way for less cluttered thinking and greater focus on goals. Who hasn’t felt a little lighter after a good laugh?

Funny motivational posters have no scientific medicinal use. A physician does not prescribe them. They do, however, serve something of a psychologically medicinal purpose. Physiologist have proved that humor and laughter reduce cortisol and release endorphins. As such, these humorous posters can trigger brain chemicals that lower stress and make a person feel good. Less stress equals less negative thinking, which in turn, allows a person the mental space for positive thoughts. Positive thoughts encourage motivation, especially in young students. Although a funny cartoon poster with a motivational theme does not directly create success, when viewed as creating a positive atmosphere, every little helps.

People become what they predominantly focus on. If focus centers on pressure and stress, a person is more likely to feel pressured and stressed. If focus centers on humor and personal enjoyment, a person is more likely to feel light hearted and happy. Funny motivational posters seek to encourage a focus on positive motivation with a light hearted approach. Good cheer and happiness can be strong motivation. Although a simple poster with a humorous motivational theme cannot guarantee success, it can foster an environment that refrains from creating motivation-deflating pressure. It is difficult enough for some people to maintain motivation without adding stress and pressure to perform.

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