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Focus and Self Motivation

Written by Dave Gannaway

Focus and Self Motivation

Watching those wonderful TV shows on natural history revealed a perfect example of focus and self motivation. Observing the king of the jungle hunting for lunch illustrated a perfect lesson. The mighty lion was crouched low in the grass watching a huge herd of antelope. How could he miss one would ask? But the wily hunters resisted charging aimlessly into the herd. Instead they observed and focused on a single prey.

Once focused upon its target the lion’s objective was set, the luckless antelope was locked in its sights. Only then did the never wavering chase begin. Such wisdom from the jungle king provides us with a priceless lesson.

Focus is an invaluable key in opening the door to success; it brings all of our resources and energies onto a single objective. Just as a glass held in the rays of the sun can generate such intensity of heat as to create fire. Such focus on human endeavor likewise creates amazing results.

Focus and self motivation are often inseparable. Holding such focus reveals a motivation to achieve the objective of that focus. I once asked my teacher, “Why do people kneel to prey?” I remember his answer clearly, “It shows they mean business!” Think about it, it’s an active physical gesture of focus.

So how can we apply that in a practical way? Watch the kids at Christmas. Once they spot the toy they want their focus becomes intense. They clearly define every detail and never loose the focus. Like the lion they have the target very clearly in their sights. They can see it, feel it, and hold it, all in the minds eye. If you are a parent you will know all about that!

Once the artist takes up his brush or the writer sits at his computer they know their focus. Literally they know the outcome of their future efforts; all that remains is to ‘do it’. One of my brothers raced power boats. Before a race one time I asked him had he worked out his strategy. “Heck yes, I’ve already run the race a dozen times in my head, I’m just ready for the ‘off’.” There was no doubt he was focused and motivated and very good at what he did!

Together with focus comes enthusiasm and passion. These so often provide the physical energy and stamina to reach the goal. Watch marathon runners, their focus is 26 miles down the road. That’s clearly defined but so often the winning factor is the stamina and passion to reach the goal that keeps their aching legs running. That is the focus and self motivation required to achieve those precious goals. Have you got that focus?

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