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Business Motivation

Business Motivation

Written by Dave Gannaway

The secret of business motivation is to love your business. Observe those who have created great success and you will see the amazing bond between the two. The love between successful businesses and their owners often rivals the devotion between husbands and wives or lovers. Often partners notoriously resent that the business gets more love and attention than they do. As so often it does!

Yet paradoxically it is that very love and attention to the business that has generated its success. I observed a friend who built a very success family business over many years. As his son came of age he set him up in a business of his own. They created an identical duplication of the successful original and yet he never came close to his father’s success.

So why, when the stock products were purchased at the same price, the location was good, and everything was seemingly a mirror of his father’s original, wasn’t the son’s business a success? The answer was simply that his son lacked his father’s degree of love and business motivation— plus there was not the same desperation to succeed that is dad had in the beginning.

In my work I so often hear young people’s dreams of prosperity. They have observed the wonderful successes of entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, Bill Gates and the like. What so many are seeing is their hero directing his empire from the plush office or corporate jet, like a beautiful orchestra responding to the conductor’s every move.

Their dreams have missed the all important time when these men started. How Richard Branson began by printing a school magazine and completing every stage of its production himself, by hand, alone. Bill Gates, with his pal produced computer games in the garden shed, then had to hawk them around to find a customer.

I have studied the start-up stories of many of the great successes and hard times were a common denominator. But I am sure the resilience created the business motivation that stood them in good stead as they progressed.

It could be that some of the super successful already had some resources to begin with. I know one young man whose father left him a small, dingy, rundown convenience store complete with many debts, and from that base he built a chain of over one hundred superstores. He had a Rolls Royce, Ferrari, several homes and all the money he could ever need. He also had his first heart attack – and all before he was forty. He recently sold the business and earned himself seventy five million dollars!

Many years later he told me that he’d recognized himself from the example in one of my books, and whilst all the details are all accurate, it was little known that he worked at stacking shelves, working the check-out, filling in when staff failed to show up for work. And all for zero pay. But then he smiled as he lit his cigar, and said, “… but then, I guess that was how I learned the business and got to be an overnight success!”

Still, full credit must be given to him for his achievements and business motivation. He developed all the skills and requirements needed for success and used them to maximum effect. The eyes of the envious seldom saw the nights when he worked the clock round, or went out on a limb and risked his neck to raise money to pay the staff or pay suppliers, or how he wrecked his marriage and private life when those closest to him refused to wait around any longer.

Many of these business men and women are exceptional. Business motivation is something they don’t even need to think about because it is always there. They have an insatiable drive to succeed at all cost. Imagine someone holding your head under water, after a while you become frantic for air, then it becomes a life or death desperation. Could you want success that badly?

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