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ADD Motivation

ADD Motivation

Written by Dave Gannaway

Something of interest can create more positive results than ADD motivation alone. Just watch a child with ADD they will constantly click through the channels of the TV unable to stay on one long enough to get into it. Yet, when they do find something of interest like a video game they become totally absorbed. It may be that something of interest can create the most effective ADD motivation.

I have also noticed that although they seem focused on say, a video game, they still keep changing from one game to another within the little black box in their hands.

For me procrastination plays a part in my day-to-day affairs. It is so much easier to shift focus to a more interesting yet often less effective task. — Putting off doing those jobs that hold no interest, even though they are important give a relief to the unattractive prospect of facing it.

One solution that works for me is to break the task into bite sized bits. I just did my taxes in that way. I am running out of time so I must start!

Breaking a job down into small easy bite size parts is less daunting. Quickly achieved little tasks that can be completed individually is more palatable. Not all the steps need be done together. For example —

• Round up all the paperwork related to money out. Spending, receipts, expenses and charities. • Find all the pay-checks, royalty payments and interest statements. • Compose a spread-sheet, if required. • Call Tax accountant.

Each task completed creates a satisfaction and confidence, it’s another step closer to completion. Once the process is underway it can create a momentum to keep going or at least the feeling of ‘one less job to do!’ This technique does not produce any long-term solutions but gives me a reliable crutch to help me with those tasks I can’t keep my focus on. For me it creates an ADD motivation, in clearing the way toward returning to activities I enjoy.

Having little or no ADD motivation can create a lack of self-esteem, of not being able to cope in the wide world or you are not as sharp as others. This of course can generate the illusion of a victim thus it can make matters worse

At the low end of the individual’s emotions can come outburst of anger, this drawing even more attention from others and more feelings of victimization. Sadly this can lead to an individual becoming different, even socially outcast . . . it can even generate the seeds that ‘perhaps I am stupid!’ and the seed of even more intense challenges.

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