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Motivational Times, Issue #002
Happy New Year

January 05, 2011

Want to be like Louis Oosthuizen? A WINNER!

RED-DOT SUCCESS in golf — In an interview in the Scottish Herald Newspaper with Louis Oosthuizen winner of the Open Golf Championships at St Andrews, he reveals he uses the Red Dot technique to help his focus. The Red Dot technique is an amazing tool! Click here to read more about getting motivated with the Red Dot



WHICH WAY NOW? By Dave Gannaway
Which Way Now? offers you a simple workable strategy. “Before you can climb the ladder of success, you must first find the ladder!” writes author Dave Gannaway, in his chatty style. He reveals the qualities that makes one person prosperous yet denies another. He illustrates simple techniques to help you make changes that boost your confidence, and to understand that you already have more ability than you give yourself credit for. ALSO how to use the ‘Magic of the Red Dot’ in your life.

Which Way Now? is currently available as an ebook on Amazon. It should be available very soon at, along with a selection of other books by Dave Gannaway.

A new year and the time we make those resolutions to make changes in our lives. The rising cost of everything has created challenges for everyone and many New Year resolutions revolve around increasing those diminishing incomes. Yet conversations with entrepreneurs reveal how their thinking differs from the masses’.

When the markets are down, prices are at their lowest. That is the time to have faith and invest. As a result of market down-turns and depressed economies, the smart speculators are set to make big bucks. Many fortunes will be made as economies recover and prices grow stronger. Never in history has there been a better time to create fulfillment, wealth and success. Progress and innovation over the past few years has been expanding at an unprecedented rate. More millionaires, billionaires and beyond have been created than in the whole of our previous history.

In this electronic age of information exchange, things happen fast and can ricochet around the globe in a nanosecond making communications, never before thought of, possible. Global markets and exchanges have now become available . . . devices that even translate one language to another at the touch of a button. Even our kids are carrying little phones, or pads, and chatter or text other kids around the world. We have the GPS that direct us to any destination, cars that park themselves and three dimensional TV!

Countries, who just a short while ago, were considered ‘poor’, have suddenly emerged with vast resources and liquid cash available. They now have cash to spend to satisfy their hunger and to enjoy the luxuries of the west. So successful are many of them that they have taken the western philosophers' techniques for prosperities and run with them faster than we have! We in the west have some important lessons to catch up on there!

Innovation is rife, not only in electronics; it is seemly restrained only by the limitation of our individual minds. What else could be invented that could be more amazing than we already have? I believe we will see the day when an ‘item’ will be able to be sent through the Internet. “Beam-me-up Scotty!”

Have you noticed that the Star Wars and Star Trek stories are rapidly becoming closer to reality than may be comfortable? We know that ‘What the mind can conceive and believe, human ingenuity can create.’
So where does this amazing ‘thinking’ come from? Sure, we know George Lucas and Glen Rodenberry wrote the stories, but where did they get it? “It was all in their imagination,” you say. And yes, of course it was all in their imagination but where is that? How did they get ‘that far out of the box?’ How do they tune in and access such astonishing material?

An inventor on the TV Discovery channel recently revealed a machine that could see through solid things! He demonstrated it right there on the TV. How amazing is that?

Some years ago, I had the privilege of knowing one of the inventors of the hovercraft; he couldn’t understand all this hoo-hah about ‘thinking outside-of-the-box’ stuff. He told me that it started when he noticed how a beer glass turned upside down, floated effortlessly over the wet bar because of the air trapped inside. Then he said, “We experimented by putting a light-weight fan inside an upturned shoe box.” That worked also. “So it didn’t take a genius to expand and develop the idea.” He was being modest about his achievement but it came to fruition one little step at a time.

As with most things unusual, people often think you are nuts . . . It took the hovercraft boys many years before any authority took them seriously, even to visit the workshop to observe the idea. The same hovercraft guy told me how he was on the design and production team that developed the first pure jet aircraft, the ‘Gloster Whittle’, yet even with the engine running, they still couldn’t get the British Air Ministry to come and check-it-out! Woops, who got egg on their face over that?

I am working on communicating with the other side of life and bringing back previously unknown provable information. No Oozy Woozy ‘is anyone there?’ stuff in a darkened room, but no nonsense facts, real answers to important questions. Techniques exist NOW, it is being done NOW by many people around the world, but few talk about it for fear of being labeled ‘nuts’!
Remember the song, ‘They all laughed at Christopher Columbus when he said the world was round!”

At we are beginning to focus on topics such as intuition and inspiration. Stories of how successful businesses have been built on intuition and imagination. What techniques do the imaginative and creative success stories use? What do they do to activate the flow of such information and genius? How do you think outside the box? It is not difficult as your understanding on these topics grow. It can be a simple curious thought that begins the development of greater thoughts.


My son reminded me how powerful many of these techniques we reveal in some of our articles can be. One technique I use in therapy and personal counseling encourages the client to imagine being someone they admire or relate to. Then they imagine stepping into that person’s body and to act and feel exactly what it’s like to have those qualities.

Asking my client, “Who do you relate to?” he replied, “Burt Reynolds.” Well that was fine. I recalled the movie star as a racing car driver, and general good guy. That seemed a good choice, so we completed the technique of setting him up to feel comfortable with those qualities. After the session, he swaggered out of the office feeling ten feet tall!

Well, he missed his next appointment, which was unusual for him. In fact, he missed several appointments! The next time I saw him his face was cut and bruised, and he was looking much the worse for wear.

What happened? The Burt Reynolds I had envisaged him to be was not the Burt Reynolds he was enacting! His role model Burt Reynolds was a low life gangster. My client went home, beat his wife, trashed the kitchen, got into fights, and landed behind bars in jail!

Wow! Although the therapy was a success in making changes, they were not exactly the changes we had in mind. Powerful techniques indeed!

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