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Motivational Times, Issue #003

February 01, 2011

A Lesson in Getting What You Want

The theme of this month’s newsletter is FOCUS. A small word with huge impact. Just watch successful people and high achievers and the single common denominator is they can all focus on a single objective. Success and achievement is always the result! I say ‘always’ because what we hold in our focus is what manifests in our material lives. The problem for most people is that the focus is on lack and possible failure. So that is how success manifests for them! They become successful in creating lack!

Focus has a magnetic quality that attracts like to like . . . for those on a mission it’s the express-lane. And when you become conscious of these truths they become supercharged and unstoppable. Think about this: imagine that you are broke, energy levels and focus is low and nothing much is happening. How does that feel? Yuck! Nothing works, right? On the other hand, imagine you have plenty of money and resources . . . you have vitality and an assurance that you will succeed. . . . Whoa, what a difference! The point is that in both cases, the thoughts and feelings were just in your imagination. How much actual cash was in your pocket was irrelevant. Your mind created a completely different physiology by just responding to your thinking! Think about it!

Just watch the kids...

Pesky Kids!

There is so much we can learn from our kids. Some things they do are truly extraordinary. Like many grandparents, we keep a jar on the fridge where we throw in our loose change. As it accumulates, our granddaughter gets to count it and go on a spending spree once in a while. We call it Jennifer’s Jar!

To keep up with other kids, Jennifer wanted the latest gizmo, an I-Pod Touch, I think! She made up her mind, the goal was set. She knew exactly the make, model, and what features it required. Her father explained that there were other models comparable and less expensive, but she would not compromise! Expensive sure, and with no birthdays or Christmas in sight, she stopped by our house and casually viewed how much money was in the jar. ‘Not even close,’ she thought, climbing back down from the refrigerator.

Next stop Uncle Do-Do. “What can I do to get enough money for my I Pod?” she confided. Knowing exactly what she was leading toward he said, “Tell you what. Any money you can earn in the next month, I will match it! Plus I’ll pay you if you’ll help with yard work!” That was it, there was a light at the end of the tunnel . . . Jennifer was on a mission. She knew that if she could raise half, Do-Do would provide the balance.

Her other grandparents agreed that if she got ‘A’s in her next school report there would be a reward . . . that was a no-brainer because she was already confident about that!

A similar approach with her dad produced a deal that if her bedroom was re-organized and tidied there would be a reward. That was easy, a ‘pretty-please’ call to nana produced all the help required to bring her bedroom into line. A private yard sale for many of those cuddly and out-grown toys provided another small boost.

Well, within the month deadline she had accumulated 50% of the money required. The rest, as they say, is history!

Herein lies the true secret of success. This is precisely how entrepreneurs broker multi-million-dollar deals in the big wide world of high finance, and here our kids are doing it easily and instinctively! They haven’t been taught they just generate an unstoppable passion to achieve their goal and do whatever it takes. All the classic ingredients are there. They are . . . a precisely defined objective or goal, and a desperate desire and passion to achieve it. With that focus, one step at a time, each moving ever closer . . . never taking their eyes off the goal and knowing that the prize is theirs!

What these kids are doing with small change and the ‘pretty-pleases and sucking-up,’ is precisely the same, just the numbers are larger! Yet, so often this innate ability is knocked out of them in the process of growing-up. Those blessed with the understanding and belief that anything is possible when you believe, possess a treasure beyond price.


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In the coming weeks we will be introducing a new feature to our Web site. Over the years of working with people some pretty strange and unusual ideas come to my notice. Some may seem strange or quirky, yet they worked for someone! That other someone could be YOU! Like the humble country Englishman who became a millionaire staggering home after a few drinks with the boys. The country lanes were unlit and he couldn’t find his way! He spotted a cat standing in the road, its eyes bright against the darkness. In his reverie he thought ‘if I could get a row of cats to stand in line . . . they could show me the way home!’ The result of his drunken reverie led to the multi-million-dollar invention of the ‘cats-eyes’ that have marked the center of many roads in the UK and Europe for years.

Well, What D’ya Know! More stories like this coming soon!

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Make your Mind Up!

Just observe your thinking for a moment and you will notice that your focus is constantly vacillating from one topic to another. In one moment thinking, ‘how good it would be to own a successful business,’ in the next ‘but that would be so stressful,’ then again ‘but I really need to earn more money,’ then ‘money isn’t everything!’ The bottom line is that you just don’t make up your mind.

Observe what’s happening; in one thought we’re in to starting a business, then, before anything can get started, you totally cancel it with ‘Naaa, that’ll be too stressful!’ And so it goes on . . . all this results in zero happening. Each thought canceling the previous. That ain’t smart! Nothing is ever going to happen until you straighten-out your thinking and get only thoughts of success all in a row!

Here is a valuable insight my teacher, Dr Bob, revealed. Whenever you use the words ‘if’ or ‘but’ you cancel the previous part of the sentence. So, when you say, “I’d like to have a successful business of my own, but it could be so stressful!” that little word ‘but’ sounded the death knell to the whole idea! The truth is that you have not made up your mind. Without that, it is like saying, “I’d like to take a swim, but I don’t want to get wet!” And what will the result of that produce? Zero, zilch, nothing, and all because of that little word ‘but’!

Only when you are prepared to do anything or whatever it takes, no ifs or buts, will your objective begin its journey into your life! Remember Jennifer in Pesky Kids, there was never a case of if only of when!

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