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Motivational Times, Issue #005
June 01, 2011

DAM BUSTERS! (or how a rousing piece of music can instantly transform you!)

I just learned a secret about myself and the power of motivation. Anyone can become instantly motivated and at the top of their game in a moment. How? Well, something that just happened confirmed the fact to me with startling effect.

To my amazement, it first revealed itself as I was lazing in the sun on my boat in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The solitude was broken as my son and granddaughter arrived on their boat and moored alongside. He was in high spirits as he said, “Hey Dad, this’ll bring back some memories . . .” With that his CD player began to play the Dam Busters March, a military tune associated with the British Royal Air Force in which I did my conscription.

The instant the music began, I was transformed from my sleepy reveries to a fully motivated, ready-to-go, fired-up airman. So motivated was I that I leapt to my feet and began marching up and down in the limited space available onboard, even adding a salute or two, and doing a clumsy ‘about –turn’! Holding their sides, they laughed ‘til it hurt. They were convinced I had taken leave of my senses.

“Granddad, have you gone nuts, or somethin’?” Jennifer screamed with laughter at my instant transformation. Then she, an eleven year old, heavily into the latest pop music, started doing the same, without thinking twice!

It was quite amazing. I was, literally and instantly motivated by the stirring music. Even more surprising is that it is over fifty years since I was drafted into the RAF so, some important switches were well hidden deep within my consciousness. It also brought a lump to my throat that would choke a horse!

Jennifer still looks at me with a sideways glance whenever the music plays, wondering if I have taken leave of my senses or am going to jump up and play soldiers. Whenever I reach to play the CD she throws her arms in the air, “Uh oh, lookout guys, Granddad’s in the zone!"

I now have a CD of the Dam-Busters march to hand and ready to play in my office whenever I need to get back in the zone! Just the very thought of playing that tune starts the blood pumping faster and the thought of Jennifer’s startled look brings a smile to my face! Ain’t-it-great?

You should try it sometime and see the effect!

GROWING YOUNGER . . . an update from our previous newsletter.

Aunt Betty gives us a clue!

Many readers of the last Newsletter showed interest in my article on the possibilities of reducing physical and mental ageing. It has been proven that when people are subjected and stimulated to live ‘as they were in the past,’ their bodies and minds begin to revert back to how they were at that time. Subjects of the BBC documentary physically reduced both body and mind after just a week of living in an environment of the seventies. In short it works!

The final convincing factor for me came, when, quite by chance, (or was it?), I met Aunt Betty, a distant relation I have not seen for more than twenty years. Amazingly she is now ninety three years old and still has a job! Holy-moley, that’s incredible! My brothers remarked that she hasn’t changed a bit, same style, “looks like someone out of the sixties. She’s wearing the same clothes!” one added rudely.

Then the penny dropped. “That’s it, that is the exact reason she has had such an extended life!” I said. Everyone thought I was nuts. “What are you talking about?” they asked. Then I told them the story of how living ‘as you were back then’ could actually rewind your physical and mental age. In fact it could keep you young!

I was sure there was a link with Aunty Betty and ‘living as you were years ago’, so I decided to visit her. Her first reaction on answering the door was to suspect someone in the family had died, she was obviously out-of-touch or just didn’t get many visitors!

Just as I suspected, her home was like taking a huge step back in time. My childhood flashed before my eyes as I stepped into the time warp of her home. Everything was just as it was way back when, probably since the sixties. Clean, neat and tidy, yet the very ambience, touch and smells instantly took me back in time.

This wasn’t an intentional effort on her part, it was just how she was. Nothing had changed, she didn’t know any difference. Old family heirlooms accumulated or passed down to her were still in use or prominently on display. Some items from my childhood were there just as perfect as they were when I discarded them all those years ago. Sunday best crockery still languished in the old, yet perfect, glass dresser cabinet. She took them down and made me tea in the best china cups and saucers . . . just as she would have done for a visitor to their home in the sixties. In the corner I spotted my old rocking horse from sixty years ago! Just as it was when I stepped off of it. I even noticed an incredibly old iron mangle in the yard, no longer in use, but still where it has always stood since it was in fashion all those years ago.

Was this the link to Aunty Betty’s long life? When you think about it, other groups who enjoy longevity such as those from deep in Siberia or isolated in the Rain Forest could well be like Aunty Betty and continue to live the lives of those who went before them. I’m excited. I’m sure this could be an important link to living longer and more active lives. We just need to discover or create a technique for applying it to our present day lives. I’m on the case . . . watch this space!

If you would like to share your observations or stories on any of these topics email me


Observing people can be an intriguing pastime. I like to watch people and what is going on around me as though I were an alien newly arrived on this planet and trying to make sense of the behaviors of these strange beings called Humans. Just to be a fly on the wall observing our own habits and responses can reveal many fascinating, strange, even amusing details of our behavior. You don’t have to go anywhere special to watch the most amazing scenarios act out, it is happening in every moment every day.

Many strange behaviors probably have their roots in childhood where the young are totally dependent upon the parents. “Mom, can I go out to play?” . . . “No, you have got your best school clothes on!” . . . “Can I go if I change?” . . . “No, that bad boy from down the street is out there.” . . . “He’s not a bad boy Mom!” . . . “Don’t talk back to me, I’m telling you he’s bad!” Right at that early age someone has commanded authority over the child and rightly so. This happens repeatedly throughout a young person’s life. Naturally, at that young age, it is a part of being cared-for and protected. It’s part of how we learn of the dangers in life and how to deal with them.

But at what stage do we let go of listening to the wisdoms of others and begin making judgments and decisions of our own? The alien observer saw clearly that many never make the transition and act totally upon their own thinking.

My observations clearly reveal that so often this childhood dependency on approval and guidance remains firmly engrained into adulthood. Many adults remain totally reactive and just cannot function without being told what to do. Men become ‘henpecked’ and women ‘dominated’ because they have not overcome that childhood dependency of being told what to do, what they like and dislike.

At a party, I observed a grown man given a plate of food he was not familiar with. He studied it, then turned to his wife and asked, “Do I like this?” It was laughable, yet strangely all so familiar. Failure to resolve such issues lead to unfulfilled and frustrating lives. This is probably the fate of much the population and it’s so sad.

Most common can be a need for approval. So many people have abilities and talents that are ignored because friends and family don’t think they are good enough! When I began writing so many people had doubts about my writing skills they would say, “Who d’you think you are Will Shakespeare? Dream on!” Idle comments such as that can sound the death-knell to a whole world of success, if you take it to heart. And yes, I did take it to heart for many years and suffered the frustrations. But then I observed those who were making the comments and saw that they were firmly entrenched and anchored to where they were, and they wanted to make sure I would stay to keep them company! This can also happen when you try a diet. Well-meaning family and friends will tell you they "like you the way you are."

That was when I dared to try. I listened to my gut feelings that told me, “why not, what’s stopping you?” Just observing that revealed that it was those who loved me most that were stopping me. I’m sure it was not out of malice, maybe it was just fear of the unknown, who knows? But it was only when I stopped listening to what was going on outside of me, and began to observe my inner feelings that my world began to change. I began to become a little more confident and as that grew so it reflected in my work.

This can also happen when you try a diet. Well-meaning family and friends will tell you they "like you the way you are."

Try becoming an alien for an hour or so and observe yourself and others. Don’t be surprised at what you may discover yourself doing!


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