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Motivational Times, Issue #006
October 27, 2011

Some Wise and Prophetic Words

Some wise and prophetic words from The Secret reveals, ‘When you find your purpose, it is like your heart has been set alight with passion. You know it absolutely, without any doubt.’ That is such a beautiful and truthful quote I couldn’t resist using it on this first page of my newsletter. In fact, to wax musical, it’s almost like being in love!

Someone once asked me, “What is your passion?” Without hesitation I answered, “I just love my work!” How do I know it’s my passion, because when I stop working I find myself still doing it for fun! I just can’t get enough!

Are there things in your life that inspire you that much? We were debating this topic in one of my classes when two young women pointed out what they had a passion to do.

“So, what are you doing about it?” I asked.

“Nothing,” one replied, “because it takes five-thousand Dollars to take the instruction and another five thousand for the equipment, that’s impossible on our salaries!”

That is a typical reply to that simple question. It is also the prime reason millions of people live a life doing unfulfilling work and living in frustration. So, I hear you say, OK smarty pants what’s the answer to that?

I believe the answer is passion and enthusiasm and that there is a gift in adversity. (See my book Which Way Now? Chapter 1) When you have those qualities operating in your life things change, you grow and expand in stature. You outgrow that old dowdy you, you no longer fit where you are. It becomes noticed, your boss may realize you are now over qualified for the job and promote you, or another opportunity may come along.

The two girls increased their passion and enthusiasm to become homeopathic therapist. They began to live it every day. They did everything possible to gain experience, knowledge and familiarity with the new passion in their lives. Then, amazingly, the bombshell hit, their separate employers started down-sizing and fired them! Or, more politely, made them redundant.

After the shock and indignation of being ‘let-go’, the reality that the severance pay they were to receive would be more than enough to fulfill all their needs to achieve their goal of becoming homeopathic therapist.

Now they are both very successfully established with their own businesses living their dream and passions. I could relate many such stories that would hopefully help you feel motivated, but making the transition from reading motivational stories and making real changes in your own lives require a little more than just reading about it. We must take action and begin to walk in the shoes of that successful you!

Watch Your Own Personal Regulator

To illustrate just how powerful and well your intuitive, subconscious mind is working for you right now, let me show you how it regulates your life even without you knowing anything about it! Recall, if you will, a time when you were experiencing a difficult time. Recall back over that time and saying, ‘I don’t know how we got by that month, because there was just not enough money to go around.’ Yet, you managed. Oh sure, it might have been a struggle and you don’t know how you got by, but you did! I am sure that must ring a bell with you.

At the other end of the spectrum recall a time when you had extra money, a bonus or a windfall, then when you looked about it was gone and you said, “Where did that go? The moneys gone yet I have nothing to show for it.”

What happened, in both extremes, is that you have subconsciously defined at what level your life that must be maintained. Somewhere deep inside, we have all set this level. Most often it is created without us knowing or understanding how. But once in place your life is regulated and on automatic. Just as you set the temperature you require your home to be kept at by the regulator on the wall. When the weathers cold the heater works harder to maintain the level, when it’s warm it takes it easy, and does not need to work so hard. The result is that the level remains controlled and constant. This is wonderful if it is set at the level you want your life to be at. But most often it is not.

I visited the home of an elderly lady and she was complaining how cold he home was. She didn’t think that the heating was working. When I checked I found that the regulator was set very low. I tried to explain now it worked but without success. “I was always taught not to tamper with things you don’t know anything about!” she said innocently. So you see the old lady was suffering the misery of being cold when all the warmth and comfort she could ever want was there just waiting to be turned-on. Your life could be like that. Do you need to know how to turn your regulator up?

This is just what is happening with everyone who is suffering lack on their lives, except that the regulator is within their mind and it is set too low! So, you need to make some adjustments, namely, to set the regulator to blow its top!

The untrained mind, as I have already mentioned, will tend to take the easiest route if allowed. It will say, “Okay if I can’t have that, we’ll have to do without it, or okay the weather is cold we’ll have to put-up-with-it! But if that compromise means that your normal standard of life is going to decline, something clicks and says, “Now hold on, we can’t accept that.” Our standard of living is going to drop. A backup system then comes into play to save the situation.

Say a decline in living standard meant losing your car or TV, dishwasher or vacuum cleaner, the regulator or backup in the mind would click into operation and say, “This is just not on. I cannot manage without my … Listen here, mind, you had just better find a way over this problem,” and most often it does.

This is the sort of thinking that maintains the standards. The mental regulator seems able to make ‘ends meet’. Sometimes by making you work a little harder when you need to, then allowing you to ease up when things are going well. Have you ever had windfall, come into some money or had a bonus, etc., then when the money was gone have said, “I just don’t know where it went. I don’t seem to be any better off”? I’m sure you have. Well that is the regulator at work. It allowed you to ease up, when what it should have said was, “Okay, we have gotten a little extra but we won’t ease up, instead, we will increase our standard.” In effect reset the regulator a little higher. Positive fighting talk.

In reality this regulator is the level of your personal belief and self-worth. What you think about yourself, what you consider you are worthy of. It is your self-esteem, the control center of your life.

How Much Do You Know About Yourself?

There is a part of you that knows more about you and life than you will ever know! We most often call it our ‘gut’ feelings or intuition and that is true, but it is so much more.

Here is something to think about. You have heard me say that you cannot solve a problem from the same level as the problem! At first that sounds like a conundrum but it will resolve many unanswered questions once you begin to make sense of it. Let’s delve a little deeper.

If you are sat in a chair and decide to get up, what do you do? Sure, you have the intention to ‘get up’ but, you do not know what muscles to move and the sequence and complexities involved. You just ‘do it!’, even though the physical maneuvers are amazingly complex.

The activity of our limbs is to move. Yet, they have to be instructed on what YOU want them to do. Those orders are given through the mind as thoughts. Thought is the director of operations, just as the director instructs his workforce on what he wants his company to produce. It is the workforce, the mind that has the knowledge and expertise to bring together the skills required to complete the task. True, the director can operate more effectively if he understands that the skills and knowledge of his staff know better than he actually ‘how’ to do it!

The body cannot experience itself. If you hurt your foot, for example, the foot cannot experience being a foot or pain, something greater than that has to take place before the foot can have the experience of pain or even move. The activity of a foot, or anything else, comes from what the mind conceives and expresses as thought. The body is experienced through feelings, which are interpreted by the higher, intuitive, level of the mind.

So, what we begin to realize is it’s not the body we experience but what the mind interprets as sensations of the body! How many times have you cut your finger and it is not until you eventually spot the blood that it begins to hurt? What happened? The mind was distracted or too busy doing other things to notice and interpret its perception of the experience of a cut. So, until the mind was conscious of the cut, there was no pain or discomfort. The person’s experience was of what was going on in the mind not in the body! Woow!

In my Therapy practice I ran classes for pregnant women who wanted to experience pain free childbirth. They learned to have an imaginary aerosol of painkiller that at the first suggestion of contraction or pain the area was automatically sprayed and numbed. The control center of the mind was so busy watching whereto fire its next shot that it paid no attention to pain! I used this technique for many years with great success.

Many will say that there is a purpose to the pain, and of course that is correct. However, the intuitive intelligence also becomes aware and regulates the body’s responses accordingly. Many may call this the ‘Placebo effect’ but it works so we don’t need to keep inventing the wheel! We just need to use it! Need more assurance? Remember when you have had a pain and had to visit the doctor or dentist office then, once sat in the security of the waiting room discovered the pain had gone? Hello!

I have studied the amazing effects that can be achieved by this mysterious, subconscious part of us that, incredibly, is not even located within the body. Through the pages of I will be looking into the various ways different people use their various interpretations of this knowledge and techniques you can adopt to use it in your lives.

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Did You Know, that even behind the closed doors of most major Governments, Washington, London, Paris, and Moscow, etc each have their own very secret departments and agendas for researching and using nonphysical energies for the purpose of research and spying? Want to know more? Email me for more information. I welcome your stories and ideas as well as your questions. Email me at

For more on these topics read, The Merlin Connection, Which Way Now, and Transitions by Dave Gannaway.

Thank you, and enjoy a GREAT day!

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