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Motivational Times, Issue #004
March 29, 2011

It's 'Make-Your-Mind-Up' Time!

The last article we posted on the website addressed what is probably the biggest ‘bogey’ that causes failure - failure to make-up-your-mind to do something. Many will say, “Yea, yea, yea . . . been there, done that, don’t work!” The point is, without the urgency and true intention things just don’t get done.

Think of this . . . you are sitting at your computer reading this newsletter and you feel the need to go to the bathroom! If I asked you to describe precisely what muscles and thoughts need to be engaged to get up from your seat and head for the bathroom, it is doubtful you would be able to do it! The chances that you will understand the amazingly complex sequence of instructions sent to the precise muscles and tendons to get you to rise out of your chair and head for the bathroom is almost zero! Truth is, on a conscious level, WE DON’T KNOW HOW TO DO IT! Yet with great dexterity we do it. And even more amazingly, we do it without thinking! We get up, avoid knocking our coffee over and stepping on the cat, slide from behind our desk, stand upright then head-out . . . and all without even trying!

If you were programming a robot to do that same maneuver it would be incredibly complex . . . and yet you just did it without a second thought! And there’s the point, you did not know how to do it, yet you did it . . . effortlessly and without thinking. So, what happened? You made-up-your-mind, no ifs, ands or buts. You had the intention and just did it! How it happened was taken care of by a part of us that does that stuff. Once the mind was made up, the program was set in motion, much of it taken care of without our knowledge! What or who does it? Don’t worry about that, know only that it does! You don’t need an electronics degree to know that if you flick a switch on the wall a light comes on!

When you have the intention to visit the Post Office what do you do? You go out to the car, put the key in the ignition, start the car and take-off for the Post Office — wait a minute, did you lock the door, pickup your purse/wallet and the letter you want to post? All that stuff and with hardly a thought! That simple process translated in terms of analyzable, programmable actions, is as complex as launching the Space Shuttle into orbit! And you completed the whole thing without thinking! And all you did was MADE UP YOUR MIND TO GO TO THE POST OFFICE!

How many times have you been on a journey and when you arrived at your destination suddenly realized that you can’t remember anything about the trip? Who do you think was driving? You were on automatic; some part of you ‘knew’ where you were going and what to do to get you there! Neat eh?

But wait a minute…what if you wanted to go to the Post Office but you were thinking about a trip to the hairdresser and a new hairdo? What would you think if you arrived at the hair salon waving the letter you wanted posting! Duuh! Crazy huh? So what would you expect the results to be if you wanted to be successful but only thought about failure?

We are amazingly complex creatures with abilities light-years beyond what we think possible! If don’t understand and must know how, you can start studying quantum physics in search of answers, but as they say, ‘YOU CAN SPEND YOUR LIFE LOOKING FOR THE KEY TO FIND ITS ALREADY IN THE LOCK!’ That quote’s an oldie but still spot-on!

Look closely and you will see that many successful folk are not as super-intelligent as you are giving them credit for! But yes, they are bright . . . bright enough to know that everything we could ever want to know comes from within . . . don’t worry about how, what or where, just know that it does, and dare to use it and act on it.

Believe me . . . you’re smarter than you think!


The BBC recently broadcast a wonderful series of programs clearly showing that the aging process can be drastically slowed down, and even reversed! The three-hour documentary reveals how the dramatic changes were created. For the experiment, the BBC transformed a large modern house into a home typical of the 1970s. Meticulous detail to the popular colors, designs and styles of the mid-seventies were all faithfully applied. Every detail was carefully researched, even the items of food in the cupboards had exact 70s labels. Even the TV programs and music all reproduced exactly how things were in the mid seventies.

They then invited six celebrities who were at the peak of their career in the mid-seventies, to live in the house for two weeks. Their ages, at the time of the experiment, ranged from seventy-six to eighty-nine and all were showing the ravages of aging and all resigned to the inevitable!

Remarkably, doctors and psychologists tests revealed that as a result of the two week experiment, all of them reversed the ageing process, many by as much as twenty years! One subject who struggled to walk unaided before the experiment was running around the lawns with children at the end of their two-week stay.

Amazing stuff that we should all become familiar with. Interested to know more? Email me at


One of the surest ways to succeed in any endeavor is to add value. If you produce a product, give a little more than you’re asked for. If you provide a service, in business or as an employee, go the extra mile and see how much difference it makes.

Just a smile or a cheery word will set you apart from the crowd. However small, something extra and beyond the normal, it need not be about money, is more than your client is offered by the opposition!


A message from my friend Greg Yarmesch.

During these times of depressing news, and of the Middle Eastern leaders throwing their toys out of their prams, and many Western Leaders too, we are doing nothing to help the situation when we get caught-up in the dramas. It’s true, escalating gas prices and sinking house values are depressing . . . but what can you do about it? Sweet ‘Fanny-Adams.’ Nothing! In fact, giving all that **** your attention serves only to make matters worse.

C’mon Guys, let's shape-up and let's show ‘em what we’re made of.
Here’s a simple idea that will bring about changes for YOU as an individual. Don’t try to do it for others, that’s impossible, this is just about YOU. All that is required is to sit down and do it! Do what? Begin to write. It’s very important to actually commit it to paper. Write what? All the things you are grateful and thankful for! Now, don’t poo-poo this, it's not new age oozy-woozy, it's fact! Just give it a try and see for yourself!

It is quite amazing to realize how much we have to be grateful for. Just start writing and it will flood out. And as it does so your consciousness changes, you begin sending out a different message . . . and we know that what you give out…

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